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Post E3: Overview

Just as quick as it came, E3 is now gone until next year, but it has left us with some exciting news and ideas to look forward to in the coming months. Each of the big three showcased great exclusive content, albeit some more than others.

Microsoft stormed the stage in a way they never have, showering all this in attendance with a bevy of new exclusive content. Sony took a more laid back approach, deciding(for better or for worse) to really on previously announced titles and showing extended gameplay of said games. Not to say that nothing new was announced during Sony’s presentation, there just was not as many as either Nintendo or Microsoft.

What Sony did show however were extremely high quality games, and exactly what we have come to expect from them. Days Gone looks incredible, as does God of War, but what grabbed my attention was Insomniacs Spiderman. I heard some gamers may be concerned with the game over using quick time events, but I was too busy focusing on how fluid the game was to be worried about are that may not be there.

Top Five Most Wanted Games For Potential SNES Classic

The NES Classic was an incredible success for Nintendo when it launched last year. The mini system has went on to sell over 1 million units in a short amount of time, so why wouldn’t Nintendo have plans to create mini version of one of its most popular consoles ever? Here’s hoping there is merit to the rumors, and if so this is our list of games we would like to see most on the potential SNES Classic.

Super Mario World

If there was ever a game that defined a console, this is it. Just about anyone who has ever touched a gaming controller has memories of playing Super Mario World, and I’m not sure if there is any other title in the long library of SNES games that would deserve to be included on the SNES Classic than this. Platforming at its finest, and gaming at its purest.

Megaman X

The SNES saw the reinvention of so many classic characters, and Mega Man was no different. Mega Man X sported a bold new look for the Blue Bomber, and ushered in a new age of robot fighting mayhem. Introducing new characters and weapons, the X series took a classic hero and brought him to a new age of gaming, without sacrificing what made us fans in the first place.

Castlevania IV

This franchise in its most raw form. With its unforgiving platforming segments and boss battles, this was Castlevania at its best, until Symphony of The Night showed up to become one of the greatest games ever made.

Tetris Attack

Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t your father’s Tetris. Actually, despite the name this isn’t Tetris at all, but that doesn’t keep it from being a highly addictive puzzle game. Officially, Tetris Attack is the first game in the Puzzle League series, its competitive multiplayer makes it hard to put down, throw in some Yoshi’s Island, and you have one of the best puzzle games ever made

TMNT: Turtles in Time

Regarded to some as the best Beat ‘Em up of all time, Turtles in Times takes everything you love about 90s arcade side scrollers and turns it to 11. A direct sequel to the original TMNT arcade game, Turtles is superior to its predecessor in every way.

What games would you all love to see playable if and when Nintendo decides to release a SNES Classic? The console has one of the largest and most storied library of games in history, so there definitely isn’t a shortage of titles that could be chosen.

















Questions Left Unanswered After Switch Presentation

For video game fans 2017 is giving us a ton to be excited about. No matter what platform you do your gaming on there is something in the works for you. It’s crazy to think about how much has already been shown this year, and we still have E3 to look forward to! Nintendo has finally thrown their hat in the ring with the upcoming Switch, and is once again trying to change the way we view and play our games. During Nintendo’s Switch presentation many of our questions regarding their hybrid console were answered, such as the release date, the launch lineup, and battery life for the system when not docked. Unfortunately there still so many questions that were left unanswered. 

Nintendo Switch Presentations Almost Here

Its a new year and excitement couldn’t be higher this month with the upcoming Nintendo Switch presentations.  Scheduled for January 12th and 13th, Nintendo will give us more info on the console, and a closer look at some upcoming games as well. 

In 2016 we saw the life of the Wii U come to an end after 4 years, and this has many people wondering just how well its successor the Switch will do. Below are my thoughts on how the Switch can avoid following the same path as the Wii U.

The Launch Lineup. This just might end up being the key factor in the overall success of the Nintendo Switch. Having a not just a strong launch lineup but launch window will either make or break this console. One thing that killed the Wii U were the unbearable droughts of quality games in between their big name releases. Not only do they need high quality releases from their first party teams, but its imperative that the third-party developers are on board and creating games for the Switch. Based off the list of partners released late last year, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if this console is to remain successful those companies  must remain committed to the system throughout its life and not just at launch.


Farewell Wii U, Hello Switch!

As the story or the Wii U comes to a close, a new chapter is set to begin for Nintendo in the form of their  recently named console, the Nintendo Switch. The Wii U was plagued by many things that ultimately kept it from achieving its potential, namely its sub par launch, as well as a confusing and clumsy E3 reveal. What was the systems purpose? What could it do? Why would we as consumers want to use it in the first place? These were just a few of the questions that until recently were never truly addressed. I never felt as though the tablet was necessary to the Wii U until I played Super Mario Maker, and then it all just made so much sense to me. Unfortunately that game came out in late 2015, whereas the Wii U was released in 2012. When good games started to come out for the Wii U with some sort of regularity it was far too little too late. So much potential wasted.

Along comes rumors of the NX, and Nintendo fans react with just as much panic as excitement. It was a long wait wondering what on earth the NX would be, but finally Nintendo gave us what we all needed, answers. That fateful day in October put many of my fears to rest, but replaced them with more questions. First being, what is the Nintendo Switch? In my opinion an amazing concept. The ability to take a home console experience on the go is an idea that Sony has attempted many times with debatable results, but it seems Nintendo my have struck gold this time.


Like I mentioned before there are tons of questions that are still unanswered regarding the Switch, one potentially huge one is the battery life for the device. The amount of time one can have the system away from its dock could make or break the Switch. What good does the ability to take it on the go do if it the battery doesn’t last for a reasonable amount of time? Now, to be fair, this aint no 3ds and the games being played on it are much more advanced than any “handheld” we’ve had before, so I’m not expecting super long times in between charges, but personally I would like to see at around two hours of battery life.

I’m also wondering about the exact power of the console as well as the resolution of the games while being played via the detachable screen. Seeing what I believe to be the Skyrim Special Edition, we can assume the system will be somewhere close to Xbox One. One of the more exciting announcements for me was the confirmation that Unreal Engine 4 will be supported. This will make it easier for more developers to create content, expanding the potential for more third-party support. On the topic of third parties, it seems that this wont be an issue according to a confirmed list released in October. The lack of development outside of Nintendo has been a problem for years now, but this is very exciting and bodes well for the Switch and fans as well.


Nintendo may finally be back on the right track this time, And I am definitely hungry for more news on what we can expect from the Switch. Third party developers seem to be back on board and willing to bring their heavy hitters to the console, and it seems as though they are learning from Wii U and making strong strides to improve on that model. I still need some more information on the controller support, and also what games are in development now for launch. Later on, Gaming Plus will go deeper into what we want from the Switch as far as it online capabilities, and what games we would like to see make an appearance. Nintendo has the fans and the industry excited and wanting more. January can’t come soon enough.

A Legend Renewed

This E3 was weird. Both Sony and Microsoft put on some amazing shows during their press conferences, and once again Nintendo did its own thing. I was extremely disappointed with the amount of content Nintendo decided to show this year, but I definitely loved its quality. The time is now for the Big N to go all in, and if what we have seen from The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is any indication then they most certainly have. This game looks to take the franchise to the next level without forgetting its roots.  And if this game is anywhere near as good as it looks, then it will be the rebirth of not only The Legend of Zelda, but of Nintendo as well.


We know absolutely nothing about the NX. That probably wont even be what the system is called when they officially announce it later this year, But what we do know though is that the system is due out sometime in early 2017, and that Breath of the Wild will be a launch title for the NX. It’s a sad fact but the Wii U is dead, and Nintendo knew this a long time ago. I’m sure the extra time they have been granted by Zelda’s delay has been put to good use, but I’m also certain it was delayed just long enough so that their newest console would be ready to go.


Watching the game play for Breath of the Wild at E3 was breathtaking. The game is downright gorgeous, and looks to bring so many new things to the Zelda formula, but also maintaining that feeling of nostalgia. This is what I’m expecting from not only the NX, but Nintendo as a whole going forward.

The NX will be something completely different from what we have come to expect from them, but you definitely know it is a Nintendo home console when you play it. This E3, on the back of The Legend of Zelda alone Nintendo has restored my faith, and hopefully when we find out what NX is it will have been deserved.