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Super Mario Mash-up Makes the Wait for Minecraft Wii U Worth It

The Wii U had  the potential to be a top-selling system. Despite Nintendo and the rest of the industry’s attempts to derail the console, it has produced many of the best gaming experiences of this generation. Poor planning, marketing, and abysmal third-party support destroyed any chance of the Wii U replicating the success of it predecessor the Wii. It’s frustrating as a Wii U owner because we more than anyone can see the potential the console had/has, and that brings me to Minecraft.

Another example of  missed opportunity by everyone involved. Although the game has since been released for Nintendo’s home console and has gone on to become the top-selling title on the Wii U’s eshop, I cant help but feel it is too little too late. The game is selling exceptionally well, just imagine if it was released when the console launched? On top of the game being released during the last days of the systems life, the version presented to us was a basic port of the game with smaller map sizes and no tablet support. And still despite these drawbacks the game sells well. While I’m disappointed it took so long for the game to come to a Nintendo platform, I’m excited at the idea of Minecraft one day being a part of the 3DS library and also possibly the upcoming NX.

Pokemon Super Bowl Spot!!

A new tv spot to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise has been uploaded to the Official Pokemon Channel via YouTube. The commercial will be aired during this years Super Bowl, but you can catch it early below.

As a gamer who has been playing Pokemon from the beginning it is amazing to see that so much care is going into its upcoming anniversary, and exciting to think about all the things yet to come.

Gotta Fight’em All!

The release date for the upcoming Wii U fighter Pokken Tournament was revealed via twitter on the official Pokemon account, confirming the game will release in North America and Japan on March, 18! There is a ton of Pokemon news going around lately, with the franchises 20th anniversary coming up next month. To help celebrate Nintendo is releasing Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow on the 3ds virtual console.

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow Coming to 3DS Virtual Console

It’s about damn time. Seriously though, Nintendo has been sitting on this gold mine for ages now, but at least now the wait is coming to an end. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to re-live the first generation of Pokemon via virtual console on your 3DS. For those who have never played these gems, get your pens and paper its time for Pokemon 101. Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow will be available on virtual console February 27th to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the release for the originals. The games will be exactly the same as you remember them, with the only exception being the lack of link cables as WiFi will be used for trading and battling.  Perhaps now Nintendo can start work on getting Pokemon Snap available to download for the Wii U?

Jump to 36:30 in the video below to see the official Nintendo Direct announcement!

New Metroid Fan Film Gives Interesting Take on Samus

Not sure if everyone will enjoy Rainfall Film’s portrayal of Samus Aran, but that is to be expected. On a more positive note the creators were able to get the “Metroid” look down perfectly in my opinion, so much so that I can overlook the panicky Jessica Chobot as our favorite space bounty hunter.

Check it out for yourself below. No matter what side of the line you fall in regards to Samus, this is an amazingly well made fan film, and kudos to Rainfall Films for bringing Metroid to life in such a cool way.

Super Mario Maker is Nintendo’s Love Letter to Gamers

I don’t always agree with some of the decisions Nintendo makes when it comes to their business, but one thing is for certain they know how to make excellent games. Super Mario Maker is the newest example of this. It is a game developed by people who just get it. Video games, in their simplest form, are made for entertainment and fun, and that is exactly what you can expect when you play Super Mario Maker. Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long for Nintendo to create a game like this, but glad that it was made for the Wii U. Playing SMM with the Wii U tablet feels great and makes sense.

This game offers some of the best use of the Wii U gamepad to date. Navigating the games menus, as well as creating your own unique Mario stages feels great on the tablet. Just click on the character you want to place, then drag and drop it.


That hand is creepy.