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Top Five Fights From the Naruto Series

Over the last 15 years the Naruto series has given us some of the most memorable battles in all of anime to enjoy. As the years went on the scale and scope of these battles increased, and we were given more powerful jutsu and larger stakes. Out of all the battles that have taken place throughout the series what were your favorites? I know its hard to choose, but here our my picks for the top 5 fights in the Naruto series!

#5 Rock Lee vs Gaara

For me, this was the match that set the bar for the rest of the show. Not until this point in the series had we had such a high intensity fight, and what made it so much better was how much of an underdog Rock Lee was entering this match. This not only showcased how dangerous and ruthless Gaara was, but also how bad ass Lee is. The green spandex and bravado are not just for show, Rock Lee is the real deal.

Netflix Does Castlevania Better Than Konami

When I first heard that Netflix would be adapting Castlevania into one of their original series, I was extremely excited to see one of the most revered gaming franchises finally brought to life, but also hit with a smidge of dread at how absolutely horrible it could turn out to be. With that being said, I’m so glad this show kicks some major ass.

The four episode season was short and sweet. Long enough to establish the characters and their motivations, and short enough to have us thirsty for more. Castlevania appears to be an adaption of the nes classic Dracula’s Curse,  but has offered some cool takes on the story so far.

The animation and action are incredible, but beware this show is not for the faint of heart. Blood and violence is in abundance and is showing no signs of letting up, actually I’m certain it will get much worse. Watching this series, I can’t help but think what if Netflix made an updated Spawn animated series. Damn.

If you are a fan of Castlevania, or just looking for something good to binge watch, this is definitely what you need. The show starts and ends strong, keeping you glued to the screen. I can only hope season two doesn’t take too much time to get here.

New Kids on the Block

I’m in love with My Hero Academia. Not since the early days of Bleach and Naruto has an anime come out with such an amazing and unique cast of characters to watch and enjoy. I can’t help but think about the Chunin Exams as I enjoy this second season, and that’s because the series so far is strongly reminiscent of the first half of Naruto. Academia has a cast of young would be heroes (ninja) being trained by more experienced heroes at a school for heroes.

What’s the Problem With Frieza?

It seems as though the fandom has lost their collective minds over this Frieza returning thing, and I honestly don’t understand why. I get it, he’s come back before( plenty of times), but Frieza coming back could actually be a cool part of the story. Whereas it would have been insanely cool to see Majin Buu go all out, his presence doesn’t add much to this arc character-wise.

Think about it, Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza teaming up for the first time, battling to survive against the strongest of foes. The animosity between them could add a very entertaining dynamic to the upcoming tournament that we wouldn’t experience with Buu participating. Just as the name implies, this is a tournament for survival, this forces Frieza to have Goku and the rest of the Z fighters back, and vice versa. Beyond just the cool factor of having him be apart of the tournament it just makes sense. If Beerus was gathering the strongest of fighters to participate wouldn’t he recruit Frieza for the team? 

Seeing Master Roshi, Tien, and Krillin back in action is going to be great fun, and should be worthwhile call back to old school Dragon Ball. While that much is true they are still on the weaker side of the spectrum in terms of power compared to the rest of the team. Adding Frieza to the mix gives them another powerhouse to go against the other universe’s heavy hitters.

Fact is, whether we like it or not Frieza is back, and Dragon Ball Super has built up enough good will with me that I’ll hold off judgment until after I see how it plays out. I’m not sure about you guys, but I’ve been loving the direction the series has taken and can’t wait for the start of the Tournament of Power!

Universe Survival Arc Approaches

Can the new arc just start already?! Were so close to the beginning of the Universe Survival Arc of Dragon Ball Super I can almost taste it. This is what the series has been building up to so far, and I’m super excited to see our favorite characters get it on with the other universes. If done properly, this could be one of the greatest story arcs in all of Dragon Ball. One of my biggest gripes with Dragon Ball Z and parts of Super, is the lack of development for characters not named Goku or Vegeta. This tournament presents the creators with the best platform to showcase the powers and abilities of all the Z fighters, as well as returning some to their former relevancy.

Below is the newest trailer for the arc, which should start on February 7th.

Stay tuned for our weekly podcast and reviews for Dragon Ball Super starting in February!

Naka-Kon 2017 Turning Up the Music

It’s a new year, and that means were only a couple of months away from Nana-Kon. 2016 was a decent year overall, but I’m hoping 2017 can turn things up to eleven. The guest list for this years con has just started to roll out, and it is off to a great start. So far two musical guests have been announced, first being the Japanese punk rock band RONDONRATS, and second is A New World: Intimate Music From the World of Final Fantasy conducted by Eric Roth. Naka Kon 2017 will be the RONDONRATS first concert in the United States. Both performances are included with the purchase of a badge for the convention, amazing right? The music at Naka is always spectacular , but this year just might up the ante. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets for Naka-Kon (what are you waiting for?), head on over to their site and get your own before it is too late. If you want an early taste of things to come both groups can be heard on Spotify. See you all at Naka Kon 2017!