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Top 10 Naruto Shippuden Intros

The Naruto franchise has had some amazing and memorable intro songs throughout the years. Honestly, there aren’t many that I don’t like, which makes a list like this difficult to make. So with the best of my ability, here is my list of the top ten intro songs for the Naruto Shippuden anime.

I’ve chosen two songs from Shippuden that I really enjoy, but unfortunately they couldn’t be on the list and instead will be honorable mentions:

  • Closer by Joe Inoue
  • Hotaru no Hikari by Ikimono Gakari

Now I don’t claim to know Japanese at all, so these rankings are strictly on my opinions of the songs themselves and not necessarily the lyrics. Due to copyright laws, feel free to YouTube all of the songs listed below for your listening pleasure. I woulds just post covers of the songs or slightly altered version, but these don’t always sound as good as the originals.

10: Sign by Flow

  9: Moshimo by

  8: Line by Sukima Switch

 7: Diver by Nico Touches the Wall

6: Lovers by 7!!

5: Distance  by Long Shot Party

4: Blue Bird by Flow

3: Silhouette by KANA-BOON

  2: Empty Heart by Anly

  1: Blood Circulator by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Well there we go! So do you guys agree with  the selection and their rankings? Am I missing one of your favorites? Don’t worry about it, this list was made for fun, and to spark conversation! Let me know what you guys think in the comments section or on Twitter! @gamingplus2

Amazing Weekend at Kansas City Comic-Con

Kansas City Comic Con year 2 is now in the books, and its tradition of excellence continues. It was obvious from the start everyone involved worked extremely hard to ensure the weekend was a success.

Out of all the conventions I’ve attended, the people at KCCC are by far the nicest, and I’m talking about everyone from the guests to the attendees. When you have that many people in one space it makes it that much more enjoyable when all the people there are pleasant. The entire weekend was full of fun and cool things to see, and I’m happy to have been apart of it and can’t wait for to be back again next year.


From cars to props, you name it and it was here. There is even things for the young ones as well. KCCC is an event your whole family can be apart of. There were some amazing cosplays on display this weekend, but the character that ruled the weekend was Harley Quinn. There were so many people dressed as Harley! We’ve posted some slide shows of the cosplays we got pictures of during the convention,just follow the link to our YouTube.


The guest list this year was incredible as well, with stars such as Billy Dee Williams, Fred Williamson, and Peter Shinkoda among many others in attendance.  All guests were easily accessible, and extremely friendly.  I’ve been to some conventions where it seemed as though the guests couldn’t be bothered to interact with the fans, or just didn’t want to be there, but here that definitely isn’t the case. One of the best thing about this convention is that it is still growing, and with a venue like Bartle Hall, they will have the space to grow and improve each year.

Kansas City is lucky to have such an enjoyable and well run convention in the area, and it things continue this way KCCC will only get bigger and better with every year.

I would like to personally thank everyone who worked toward bringing this event to us this year, you guys mean business, and I cant wait to see what you have in store for us all at Kansas City Comic-Con 2107

The Dragon Ball Story We Deserve

Dragon Ball Super may have started out slow, with the first couple arcs retelling the Battle of Gods and   Resurrection of F storylines, but since the start of the Universe Six arc the quality has been much improved. For one, the pacing of the show is much better than before, and we all know how bad the animation used to be, but now more than ever Toriyma is telling us a story we want to hear. Rumors have been running wild the  past couple months about the return of Future Trunks and the introduction of the newest nemesis “Black” Goku.

Thank You Naka-Kon 2016, See You Next Year

This year was no different from last year. Naka-Kon came. It went. And it rocked.

Naka 2016 was an overall mixed bag compared to years past, but I felt as though the level of excitement in the air could not have been higher. To put it plainly, this year was amazing. It definitely was not the strongest year for panels and overall the guest list may not have lived up to 2015, but as a whole this may have been one of the best times I’ve had at Naka. This was due to everyone who attended. No matter how big the venue, or how star-studded the celebrity guests list is, if the people at the convention aren’t having a good time, then what’s the point?


From the attendees, to the volunteers, to the vendors, and everyone else were incredibly pleasant and helpful.

Game Stop Ad For Anime Day

Make sure you have time to stop by your local Game Stop tomorrow for Anime Day. Looks like they will be having an all-day sale on their anime swag and games. If anyone has been holding out purchasing Dragon Ball Xenoverse, this is definitely the time to pull the trigger. For an “Anime Day” the ad isn’t very big, but at least the items on it are pretty cool. Check out the ad below!

Champa/Tournament Arc to Breath Life Into Gohan’s Character?

So Buu is out of the tournament huh? The internet has been buzzing with many fans wanting the Dragon Ball Super show runners to take this opportunity to make Gohan relevant again. And I agree with every single one of them. This might come off as beating a dead horse, but Gohans character is much too popular to fall to the wayside the way he has since the end of Dragon Ball Z.

They have turned the character into a pansy. Piccollo is taken out by Freeza in Drago Ball Super, and what does Gohan do? He cries for Goku? That isn’t the Gohan that almost one-shot Raditz for beating the snot out of his father. It most definitely is not the Gohan that snapped after Cell killed Android 16. No one was expecting him to beat Freeza, but come on? Gohan has become much too weak.



Now Super is on to the Champa arc and there is an opening on team Beerus. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, someone will have to replace Buu now that he has failed his qualifying exam and who better than Gohan? Honestly, at this point there isn’t any other viable option.  The only problem now is how weak they have portrayed Gohan’s character as of late. Gohan has asked his old mentor Piccolo to train him, and that definitely is a start, but what type of power boost will he get to be able to contend? With the hyberbolic time chamber being revised for Super, this is the best time to close the gap in power between Gohan and Goku. At this time their plans for the character are still up in the air, but the situation has definitely gotten better for the man once known as the Great Saiyaman.