One Of My Faves Mass Effect

Mass Effect. I’m not sure if there is any other game that has consumed so much of my time as this one game has. I have replayed this trilogy several times, and have completed the original more than I care too count. Looking back, I can clearly remember the first time i played Mass Effect. I rushed through, playing the game as though it was a pure shooter. Just judging the game by the shooting mechanics it wouldn’t be very good, and that’s why I wasn’t impressed by it. To be honest, I had never heard of the game, and so my expectations and interest weren’t very high.

 One day, i decide sit down and give it another go and immediately I noticed how cool the game actually looks. The Mass Effect trilogy is gorgeous, and one thing developer BioWare does well is create worlds and characters that look amazing.

This is our generations Star Wars. Pretty high praise right? There is just so much to see and do within Mass Effect, and even more to learn about the games universe. So many stories are hidden away in BioWare’s recreation of the Milky Way galaxy. Its not just the story though that keeps me coming back for more, Mass Effect is technically a third person shooter rpg hybrid, and its amazing. The games mechanics  and rpg elements keep you from just run and gunning the entire time, which makes the experience so rewarding. Customizing your characters attack style and leveling up is addictive, as it should be in a good rpg. Are you a soldier or a biotic? Whatever you choose the play styles are vastly different and adds to the games replayablity.

 Another aspect of the game and perhaps the most important is that you create the story. To clarify, many of the games decision are based on you the player. These decisions aren’t just limited to turn left or right, but are integral to the story and effect the outcome of situations through all three games. It is one of the reason the game is so immersive, because the Mass Effect universe responds to the actions you choose. For example, you can save someones life in Mass Effect 1 only to be saved by the same character later down the road in Mass Effect 3. The game is all about you,and what you want to do.

 From my fully customized Shepard to my fully upgraded SR-2 Normandy, the attention to detail throughout all three games amazes me. Every world is unique, beautiful, thriving, or abandoned. Every npc given life by the games amazing dialogue. BioWare does such a great job of storytelling and making the player feel as though they are actually in the game. This gives the galaxy life in a way I don’t believe any game before ever has.
Mass Effect gives me the same feeling as a great book. Great stories keep you invested, giving you no choice but to constantly think about what happens next, and most importantly makes you care about its characters. If I were to describe Mass Effect in three words it would be captivating, immersive, and epic. This is one of my favorite games ever, and I cant wait for the new one so I can return to the Mass Effect universe.

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