The Return Of Treyarch

To keep up with the yearly release schedule for the Call of Duty franchise, development is now on a three year cycle and shared between three studios. Infinity Ward’s Ghosts was released back in 2013, and Sledgehammer’s Advanced Warfare has been out since late last year. Activision’s 2015 COD is being handled by Treyarch this time around, and will be the developers first next gen game in the franchise.Infinity Ward tried to freshen up the formula with last year’s entry, but many fans still had issues with the game. Problems with lag, a lack of variety in weapons, as well as many others top the list of the games faults, and don’t forget to mention the questionable omission of the popular Zombies Mode.

Over the year’s Treyarch has added many of the franchises best upgrades such as the aforementioned zombie mode, enhanced multi-player customization(weapon choice, color, emblem creation), and the ability to record clips of recent matches. Its hard not to wonder why most of the features are not used in games made by the other developers, as most of these have been well received by the community.

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That’s the real question isn’t it?


So now that we know who is making the next Call of Duty game, the only question that remains is what game will it be? Will it be a sequel to World at War, or turn out to be Black Ops 3? There is also the possibility that it is neither. It wouldn’t be out of the question for Treyarch to make something completely new.

Lets just assume its one of the two though. World at War had one of the best campaigns COD has to offer, and put a fresh spin on the aging WW2 formula. The addition of tanks to the multi-player was a move that was loved as much as it was hated, but hasn’t been seen used since. Black Ops/2 took the online multi-player and put a fresh coat of paint over it. Treyarch set out to make the game more open to players, and give them more control by adding extensive customization(for the time) to the game.

When it comes down to it, it may be time for COD to return to its roots in terms of the games setting. Recently the franchise has explored many futuristic options, and 2015 may be the perfect time to return to an era long past. To a time where radar weren’t so accurate, and guns didnt have red dots. Then again there are many present day settings the game could use that don’t involve mechanized zombies or RoboCop soldiers. In all honesty, either game would be welcome and no doubt be as refreshing as the older titles were. For now all we can do is speculate, but with E3 around the corner well be finding out sooner than later. Nazi Zombies anyone?

Which game would you prefer? Black Ops 3 or World at War 2? Or would you want something completely new this year? Let the debate begin?


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