Waiting For Mass Effect 4






mass-effectIf there was ever any game that has taken up so much of my time and thought as Mass Effect 4, I’m not sure what the game is. For a game that doesn’t have a title or even a release date at the moment, it’s safe to say I might be obsessing over it. From constantly googling Mass Effect 4 for anything slightly news worthy, to checking tweets from anyone remotely connected to the game, I’m doing everything I can to ensure I’m in the know in regards to the game. What can I say? I genuinely love the Mass Effect series. There have been plenty of games that I’ve liked, but not many I can say I truly loved. The same feeling I got finishing Mass Effect 3 was identical to the feeling I got at the end of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows; Excited to finally be able to see the end of the journey, sad that it was in fact the end of a journey, and grateful for being along for the ride.

In the same way you grow with the characters of a good book, I grew alongside the characters in Mass Effect. This is why I can’t wait for the next installment in the series. Even if this new game has none of the original cast, I will still be prepared to at least return to the ME universe, and hopefully explore some familiar locations.

BioWare definitely knows how to create hype, with their seemingly strategic release of tweets and updates on the status of the game, most of which haven’t shed any light on what the game about. Yes, we know the Mako will be making a (triumphant?) return, and that Shepard will not be the star of the game, but other than that we know next to nothing.  For instance, when does this game take place? Does it occur during a time we’re familiar with such as the Krogan Rebellion or the Rachni Wars? Or is it set in the future, where the story of Shephard and his/her comrades are the stuff of legend? With a game as large as Mass Effect there is no telling.

Preferably the story will be set sometime after the events of the last game, far enough in the future where Shepard’s presence doesn’t seem necessary, but not so far as to completely separate itself from the rest of the series. The galaxy, although saved by Shepard and co, was rocked at its core. Too much was at stake at the end of Mass Effect 3 for this game not to deal with the aftermath of Shepard’s decisions. It would be great to see a new cast of characters deal with this in some way. Lets not forget about the Stargazer, does he mean anything in the grand scheme of things, or was he just a throw away character to help wrap things up? If this new game must be about someone new, fine, but lets not forget how we got to this point.

You would think E3 being so close would be comforting, but there is no telling what BioWare is going to have or be willing to show. In a perfect universe, the developer would have an enormous show stealing presentation, and release the first trailer for the game. Later, after our eyes are done melting from the sheer awesomeness, they will announce that the game will be available this holiday season. Now back to reality. The above scenario would indeed be cool, but unfortunately even if a press conference is held at E3, the chances of the game being released this year seem extremely slim. So the wait continues.

With so many questions, that just means there is a lot for BioWare to discuss when they finally reveal the game. All we can do is wait. What matters now is how we spend the time while we wait. Good thing Borderlands: The Handsome Collection comes out next month. I know what Ill be playing. What about you?

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