Remembering Naka-Kon 2015 !

Naka-Kon has unfortunately come and gone, but the most important thing is that we all had a blast! The convention is always fun, but this year seemed different somehow? There appeared to be more energy in the air then normal, and the guests this year were amazing! Now, there is still too many Attack On Titan cos players, but I guess everything cant be perfect. All Joking aside,  Naka-Kon didnt disappoint, and for those that weren’t able to make it we have some photos from the events and cos plays. We were also able to interview two of the guest this weekend, Naruto voice actress Junko Takeuchi and Vocaloid Producer/DJ Hachioji P! Those will be posted very soon for you all to see. Until then, enjoy the photos below.

Below are some pics from the second dance party. Hachioji P kicked off the night which included other artists Revolution Boi and Jinrei.

Here is another set of photo showcasing some of the cos players from this years Naka! Enjoy.

We will be uploading another gallery with a few more photos later with the interviews, and remember the date for next years’ Naka-Kon is set for the weekend of March 11!

Were you at Naka this is year? What was your favorite cos play? Let us know!

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