Naruto Part 3 To Start Next Month

There was a little something extra in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine this week, and that something was the announcement of Naruto Part 3! Now we all knew this was coming, but now we have an official  title and release date for the new manga.  Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and The Crimson Flower Moon will be released on April 27th. The original image below was  in Japanese, so the exact title may be slightly different.

Before we all get too excited we must remember that this is only a mini series. Even the ad for it says short term, but lets not forget that this will lead into the Boruto movie that will release later this summer! Make sure to keep checking back here for updates on both the new manga and the upcoming film. We will make sure to keep you all posted as soon as new information surfaces! Stay gutsy!

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