Guitar Hero is Back

I don’t think anyone saw this coming today. Activision has announced and released the first trailer for the new Guitar Hero! Guitar Hero Live looks to change up formula just a tad by throwing out the colorful animated characters and adding live crowds to the performances. Although I haven’t got a chance to play the game for myself, just from the videos shown the idea seems pretty cool. The crowds seem to react to how well you’re playing. Play like garbage and they get hostile, or play like a hero and get cheered.

There seems to be another component of the game called Guitar Hero TV, where music videos are played while you play the guitar. The selection of music for this should be vast and new songs will supposedly be added frequently. There isn’t much information on either the game or GHTV, but what is available can be seen on their official webpage. What’s even more surprising then the announcement of Guitar Hero Live is that it has an expected released of spring 2015. Which happens to be right now. The game can be preordered from Best Buy, Toys r Us and Target, and will be available on all consoles. Even Wii U. That was a low blow, I know. According to the standard edition will cost you $99.99. With a release right around the corner, expect to get some more info on the game sometime very soon.

Behold...the new guitar.

Behold…the new guitar.

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