Will Zelda’s Absence Hurt Nintendo?

With the upcoming Legend of Zelda being delayed, Nintendo is already at a disadvantage walking into E3 this year, and this makes it even more important for them to come out swinging. There is no disputing it. Zelda Wii U was the game everyone wanted to see, and without this Nintendo is going to need some solid heavy hitters to fill the void. I’m glad that they’re taking the extra time to ensure the game is the best it can possibly be, but I won’t pretend like I’m not disappointed in its absence. It’s one thing for the game to not be released this year, but to not even show it at E3 is extremely odd. Luckily, we have Nintendo Directs; they may not show the game at E3, but who’s to say they don’t have a special Direct for it later this year?

While the absence of Zelda will hurt, it isn’t a death sentence for Nintendo….yet.Depending on how well prepared they are for this year’s expo will determine how the company will fare for the remainder of the year. The big question is: What does Nintendo have up their sleeve that makes them confident enough to not need Zelda? While the new Star Fox will be a great addition to the Wii U’s already stellar library, by itself it just isn’t enough to carry the console the way Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. did last year. There has to be something they know that we don’t (obviously).

Can’t wait to do some barrel rolls...

Can’t wait to do some barrel rolls…

Don’t get me wrong. Even without Link Nintendo should still have a good line up to showoff at E3, just not a great. Mario Maker is sure to be a blast whenever it is released, and hopefully Xenoblade Chronicles X delivers the right rpg dosage the consoles has been desperately missing. There is also games like The Devils Third, which we hopefully get more information on at E3, as well as Yoshi’s Wooly World, and Splatoon will be dropping later next month. Splatoon might be the make or break title this year for Nintendo. It’s the summer release that the company probably hopes will carry the system until its fall lineup begin to hit. Judging from previews of the game it definitely looks fun, and seems likely to be another great multiplayer experience to go alongside Smash and Kart.


These games are all sure to be good, but we already know about them. They were a shown last year. Surely they have more to show us than this, right? Unfortunately we don’t know what that is, and this is where things begin to get exciting. This is the time of the year when everyone begins to make predictions. We can do a pretty good job of guessing what Sony and Microsoft will have to show, but Nintendo not so much. With rumors of a new console in the works, there is no telling what direction the company will choose to go with E3. What we do know is that there is no Zelda, and if Nintendo wants to repeat its success of 2014 they better make it about the games. Who knows, maybe Retro has been working on a new Metroid this whole time?  Either way, The Legend of Zelda has left some pretty large shows to fill. Hopefully in June Nintendo won’t leave us disappointed.


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