Five Predictions for E3 2015

It’s summertime again, and that means it’s also time for another E3! That also means its time for some predictions! The rumors have been piling up on the web as E3 gets closer, and now it’s time for us to throw down our top ten predictions for the expo. The anticipation couldn’t be any higher this year, thankfully we’re only a week away…..Lets Begin.

  1. Microsoft will have some sort of huge Minecraft announcement.


Honestly, if they didnt have any special news about their new toy at E3 this year I would be super surprised. Microsoft spent 2.5 BILLION dollars for Mojang in 2014, and I doubt it was just for fun. Look for some type of Xbox One exclusive content for Minecraft. It could be anything from specials mobs, texture packs, some new mash-ups, or something completely different. Whatever it is I’m sure it will make Xbox gamers very happy, and most likely piss everyone else off.

2. Star Fox Wii U will surprise everyone…in a good way.

Can’t wait to do some barrel rolls...

Can’t wait to do some barrel rolls…

Considering that Nintendo is refusing to show us anything regarding the upcoming Wii U Zelda game this year, this kind of pushes Star Fox into the spotlight even more than it was. Fans have been wanting a traditional Star Fox game for a long time. There was the amazing Star Fox Command on the ds, but this will be the first console entry in the franchise in a long time. Nintendo needs great games to fill that void left by Zelda, and I have the feeling whatever they ending up presenting of Star Fox will be show stealing. Not Nintendo Direct stealing, but the whole damn show.

3. There is something Nintendo knows that we don’t.


Now I know I just said Star Fox will be impressive, but what if there was something else? What if there was something else that was making Nintendo feel like Popeye with a full can of spinach? They can pretend like not showing Zelda this year doesn’t hurt, but they aren’t stupid. The momentum they have built over the last year is too important to lose now, and they would not jeopardize it by not releasing their greatest weapon unless there was something else they had just as awesome. What that could be…..I haven’t the slightest idea.

4. Sony will announce the successor to the Vita.


I don’t particularly care for Sony made handhelds. They always seem to push the boundaries spec-wise, but leave something to be desired as far as software goes. With the Vita struggling his would be just as good a time as any to make a change. It doesn’t  have to be a brand new handheld, but just a new model for the Vita. No matter what it is the PS Vita needs help.

5. Plenty of no shows.


For whatever reason have a terrible feeling that some of the most anticipated games will be no shows at E3. The legend of Zelda already wont be there, so it makes you wonder who else will decide to sit this year out? Though I’m looking forward to it I not going to hold my breath for anything related to Kingdom Hearts III. Information on the title remains scarce even though it’s on the top of many people’s wish lists. I honestly wouldn’t be all that surprised if we heard nothing from BioWare regarding Mass Effect 4 either. This is the title that I’m looking forward to the most, so I would take it very personally if no new information was released on the progress of its development.

There we have it, five predictions for E3 2015. We still have about a week left before they take the lid off of the year’s biggest event in gaming news. Until then, what are some of your bold predictions, and what are you looking forward to seeing this year? Stay tuned for E3 updates, and make sure to check back to see how close our predictions came.

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