Top Ten Naruto Anime Openings

Since 2002, the Naruto anime has had quite a few intros and outros. Some were great and others not so great, but for this list we’ve gathered what we felt were the cream of the crop. Selecting only ten songs from the dozens available was no easy task, and unfortunately some really good ones didnt make the cut, but that’s what honorable mention is for!  What would you put on your list? Whats your all time favorite opening? Sound off in the comments and enjoy!

First, lets begin with the Honorable Mention. Like I said before, choosing only ten songs was extremely hard to do. Even harder still was putting those ten in some kind of order, but here are the two songs we had to cut from our lists to get it down to the magic number.

Naruto Opening 9 “Lovers”

Naruto Shippuden Opening 17 “Kaze”


And now its time for the count down! Drum roll, please!

10. Naruto Opening 8 “Remember”

9. Naruto Opening 5 “Seishun Kyousoukyoku”

8. Naruto Opening 6 “No Boy, No Cry”

7. Naruto Shippuden Opening 14 “Tsuki no Ookisa”

6. Naruto Shippuden Opening 4 ” Closer

5. Naruto Shippuden Opening 2 “Distance”

4. Naruto Opening 4 “Go!!!”

3. Naruto Opening 2 “Haruka Kinata”

2. Naruto Shippuden Opening 3 “Blue Bird” by Ikimono Gakari

This, unfortunately isn’t the official song. Due to copyright issues an official version that hasn’t been sped up or had its pitched changed is extremely hard o find.  If you haven’t heard the song live by Ikimono Gakari, I highly recommend it.

1. Naruto Shippuden Opening 16 “Silhoutte”                                                                                                     


There you have it! Honestly, this is a list that could change everyday it we did this multiple times, that’s just how good some of these openings are. This list is definitely a trip down memory lane, and with the anime winding down what better time than now is there to have that stroll? So how did we do? Let us know!


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