From Wii U to NX: Nintendo’s Transition

I know many people, myself included, were disappointed in the amount of new material Nintendo showed at this year’s E3, and for good reason. Most everything presented this year was shown in 2014, or in a Nintendo Direct from earlier this year. Those wanting Zelda or an announcement for a new Metroid, were also disappointed(trolled) by games like Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes and Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Now don’t get me wrong, these games look cool enough, but it was definitely not what fans wanted. The last Metroid game was released(from captivity) in 2010 and your way to follow this up is with a spin-off 3ds title?

While Nintendo does have a great line up to finish this year, they didn’t do a good job of showing consumers much to look forward to beyond that. Games like Super Mario Maker, Xenoblades Chronicles X, Star Fox, and Yoshi’s Wooly World are strong exclusives to have and will no doubt sell. But I think the big question for Wii U owners and potential Wii U owners is what is on the horizon? What about 2016 and beyond? I understand Nintendo’s philosophy of focusing on games that will be playable soon, but this year it seemed to come at the expense of the console’s future. Not having anything available to show for Zelda and not having a console Metroid title ready to discuss further proves that the Wii U is entering its swan song. Reggie even went out his way to tell viewers that the NX would not be discussed at E3, and that theme of the presentation would be transition. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the next Zelda have dual double release like Twilight Princess.

Even though it seems as if Nintendo didn’t give us much new information, in truth they gave us a ton, little clues here and there that point towards the future such as; mentioning the NX ,  reiterating that the new Zelda will be released for the Wii U, having little to show consumers in the way of software passed Q1 2016, and the use of words like transition. These are all red flags for what we already have guessed. They have something big brewing. I’ve said for a while now that not showing Zelda this year meant that there was something big in the works, and I can almost guarantee that this will be the official announcement of the NX in a future Nintendo Direct.


Being released n 2012, the Wii U is only three years old, but this is probably the best time for them to start looking at whats ahead.  The Wii U is an amazing console, with some of the best games of this generation thus far, but its obvious now that  this console was released to fill the void while the company transitioned to the next generation of gaming. While that is sad, it also fill me with optimism for the future. Nintendo isn’t going to release another under powered console, nor will they release one with such an abysmal launch line up as the Wii U. This is where things start to look up. We know the company is working on something, and we know that something may or may not be called NX. Whatever Nintendo ends up releasing, it will most likely launch with a Zelda and/or Metroid game. We haven’t seen a traditional Mario game since Mario Galaxy 2, so there is a good chance that we could see something like that as well. They have been holding their heavy hitting franchises back and that has to be because they are being developed for NX

If this is what they plan to do, I can almost forgive them for their showing at E3. Seriously, if the NX is coming, let say holiday 2016 or early 2017, I can understand them not wanting to under cut the Wii U games that will be released in the coming months by shifting attention to games and a console that are still at least a year and a half out. The only thing left for them to do is officially announce the system. Whatever they decide to do in the future, I hope that they remember the Wii and Wii U. The good and the bad. Build on what made the Wii U a stellar console, and use the amazing franchises at their disposal to make it the best it possibly can be.

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