What We Need From Nintendo NX

Another E3 has come and gone, and with that came the realization that the Wii U’s days are officially numbered. Nintendo’s new theme of “transition” was painfully apparent during the company’s presentation earlier this week. All of the Wii U’s major upcoming titles will be released within the next 6 months or so, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for current Wii U owners, but the lack of announcements for the 2016 and beyond doesn’t bode well for the console.

So as Nintendo transitions from work on the Wii U to its mystery console the NX, let us go over everything we’re expecting from the undoubtedly innovative new console.

The Wii U has an amazing line up of games, but that wasn’t always the case. The system’s launch lineup was horrible, not offering much in the form of 1st party titles, and the 3rd party games were unfortunately ports of older games. With the NX it has to be about the games, from start to finish. The launch lineup will determine the fate of this console. Hopefully, Nintendo is hard at work developing games from their best franchises. They have such a vast library of characters to choose from, some used more than others, there is no excuse to not have a brilliant launch for NX.


There are two games I feel that the NX must have at its launch, Its own version of the new Legend of Zelda and Metroid. Not only to show that they are serious about supporting the system, but more importantly to establish  a certain tone upfront that the NX is going to be a serious place to play good games. The Wii U is a great place to play amazing games, but its sluggish start and thin early lineup killed its reputation. The system is only now recovering from its launch. The tie is now for them to reach out to third parties and rebuild the relationship that was all but non-existent during the Wii U’s life cycle. We all know Nintendo makes some of the best games around, but as is the case now, they can’t keep up with demand. They can develop as many great games as they like and the system will still have a shortage of things to play, this is why third-party games are so vital. The NX will not survive without third-party support.

I would love for the NX to utilize the Wii U gamepad, or even the Wii remotes as well. These are great forms of control for gaming if used for the right titles, and in the right way. However, I strongly feel as though these should have never been primary control options for consoles. Using the Wii U gamepad to navigate the consoles menus is awesome, and the device really does have some cool features, but it should have never been the primary control source for gaming, or even came with every Wii U model. Nintendo created the classic controller pro for the system, and that controller is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s a great controller! Heck, just because the system is new doesn’t mean the controller has to be different. The Gamecube controller is one of, if not the most beloved gamepad ever. I love how I have the ability to play so many different platforms from my Wii U, but if I need to have three different controls on hand just to play them it becomes bothersome. The more simple the controls the better.

wii u pro

Now for hardware. I not going to harp on visuals for the NX, because honestly it’s not the visuals that have held the Wii U back. Playing Mario Kart 8 or even looking at videos of Xenoblade Chronicles X can prove that. Storage is the main concern I have, and it’s not the lack of hard drive space. I’m fine with the on board memory being flash, but 32 GB? I love the fact that now any usb hard drive can be used to add storage to all the new consoles, but NX still needs to have a sufficient amount of built-in storage if flash is the route taken. At least 128 GB.

While Nintendo still has a few wrinkles to work out in terms of  the online aspect of their systems, one thing they have done extremely well is their eShop. They just need to continue what they are doing there. If I had one gripe, it would be to release virtual console games at a higher rate. That’s it. Unfortunately, everything else about their online experience is very meh. Adding friends, while simpler than before, is still harder than it needs to be. Friend codes need to be an option. If a parent wants to activate friend codes on a childs system, then they should be able to. The NX needs to have a an online community. MiiVerse was a great start, build from there and they should be good. Microsoft’s party system has been amazing for online gaming, and it is about time Nintendo followed suit. Gamers should not be prohibited from communicating with other gamers unless they don’t want to. The choice needs to be ours.

No voice chat?  Come On Nintendo!

No voice chat? Come On Nintendo!

The only thing to do now is wait for official information on the NX, which I assume will come sooner than later. Nintendo does so may things right when it comes to their hardware and software, and then they do things that just seem…dumb. They love to keep us scratching our heads, but the points listed above for the NX’s success shouldnt be hard to achieve. Having excellent 1st party titles available at launch is critical, as well as ensuring that 3rd party developers are on board with console. The primary controller need to be industry standard, with all other options secondary, and they must build up their online community. I’m sure there are plenty of other things we could all think up, but for me these were the biggest issues. I’m eagerly waiting for Nintendo to pull the curtain back on whatever they are working on, and rest assured I’ll update you as soon as I find out.

What are some things you all are wanting from NX? Let us know!

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