Nintendo Franchises Needing Revival

Metroid Prime

Come on Retro!!!!! Hopefully the Texas based developer has some good news in store for us at this year’s E3. Fans have been begging for a new entry in the Prime franchise since the announcement the Wii U would be HD. The Metroid Prime trilogy was already a breathtakingly beautiful series despite its hardware limitations, but that didn’t stop Retro from creating one the most rich and atmospheric games of the last generation. The Wii U game pad and the Prime franchise seem to belong together like cookies and milk. Just imagine scanning a room with the gamepad acting as Samus’ HUD? This would have been the type of game Nintendo should have had ready during the launch window to truly show the functionality of the game pad. Sorry Tanks! Tanks! Tanks!

Super Mario World

What no Galaxy? Sorry guys, but it’s time for something new for Mario and gang, and I think the perfect setting for that would be Mario World. I can still remember playing SMW for the first time on my Super Nintendo so many years ago. It was awesome. The game had an endless number of enemies to throw at the players and the every world was different. It is Mario platforming at its best. I would love for them to create a open world 3d Mario game with the same characters and overall world feel as that game. Complete with choco mountains, cape feathers, and Koopalings. Oh, and bring back Yoshi!!!!!!

Golden Sun

The 3DS has the rpg scene on lock for The big N it seems, however the Wii U definitely needs to pick up the pace in this genre. Actually, lets take a second to name a Wii U rpg……..Need more time? Okay. Done? The Wii U has zero games of this type in its U.S. library. I know there are some on the horizon like X and maybe even a Dragon Quest game somewhere down the line, but for the console to be approaching its second year and NOTHING? Its sad.

And it’s not as if they have no games of their own they could be putting into development. Take Golden Sun for example. The much loved series hasn’t got any love since its last outing back on the original DS, and has never got a chance to shine as a full console game. Why not though. The Golden Sun games have a strong following, on top of that the series is packed with cool characters and back story. I still consider the original on Gameboy Advance as one of the best rpgs I have ever had the privilege of playing on ANY system. The game pushed the system well passed what anyone thought was possible on a handheld at the time, the musicals score was awesome , and it had a cool and unique battle system compared to other games of the same genre around that time.


You’re probably asking yourself why is Metroid on this list twice. I shall tell you. The Metroid Prime games are amazing and deserve their place up there with some of the best Metroid games made, however no game in this storied franchise has lived up to the brilliance of Super Metroid. Huge diverse world to explore? Check. Creepy atmospheric music? Check. Bad ass boss battles, with each one being different than the last? Check.

Samus frackin’ Aran? Double Check. What more needs to be said? We’re talking about the mother that spawned Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The Wii U should have this style of Metroid just because of how awesome the game would be. Nintendo give us what we crave!!! I for one think this would be a great seller and addition to the Wii Us thirsty library of games.


                Now this one is a little difficult. Nintendo already has Mario Kart for its go to racing series, so making a new F-Zero game just isn’t on their radar. Think

About it for a second, how much would this game sell in the shadow of Mario Kart? Probably not much, and this is most likely why they haven’t pursued it. I , however, have an easy solution to the problem! Make the new F-Zero game a downloadable title. The game doesn’t need to be a full fledged console release , and I can’t see it selling for $50 bucks a pop anyhow. It would be a cool game to download for $20-$30, and would be great for fans of the series and newcomers alike. It would be a quick and easy trip down memory lane, and wouldn’t cost much to develop. Heck, maybe they could just throw in a F-Zero mode into a future Mario Kart game, or develop it as dlc for the upcoming one. How cool would that be?

These are just a few of the games rattling in my head that I would love to see revived on the Wii U, but believe me there are plenty more where that came from. Some choices are a lot more obvious than others and then you have those more obscure games that people still love to play. What are some of Nintendo’s franchises would you like to see make a comeback this generation?

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