Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow Coming to 3DS Virtual Console

It’s about damn time. Seriously though, Nintendo has been sitting on this gold mine for ages now, but at least now the wait is coming to an end. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to re-live the first generation of Pokemon via virtual console on your 3DS. For those who have never played these gems, get your pens and paper its time for Pokemon 101. Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow will be available on virtual console February 27th to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the release for the originals. The games will be exactly the same as you remember them, with the only exception being the lack of link cables as WiFi will be used for trading and battling.  Perhaps now Nintendo can start work on getting Pokemon Snap available to download for the Wii U?

Jump to 36:30 in the video below to see the official Nintendo Direct announcement!

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