Champa/Tournament Arc to Breath Life Into Gohan’s Character?

So Buu is out of the tournament huh? The internet has been buzzing with many fans wanting the Dragon Ball Super show runners to take this opportunity to make Gohan relevant again. And I agree with every single one of them. This might come off as beating a dead horse, but Gohans character is much too popular to fall to the wayside the way he has since the end of Dragon Ball Z.

They have turned the character into a pansy. Piccollo is taken out by Freeza in Drago Ball Super, and what does Gohan do? He cries for Goku? That isn’t the Gohan that almost one-shot Raditz for beating the snot out of his father. It most definitely is not the Gohan that snapped after Cell killed Android 16. No one was expecting him to beat Freeza, but come on? Gohan has become much too weak.



Now Super is on to the Champa arc and there is an opening on team Beerus. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, someone will have to replace Buu now that he has failed his qualifying exam and who better than Gohan? Honestly, at this point there isn’t any other viable option.  The only problem now is how weak they have portrayed Gohan’s character as of late. Gohan has asked his old mentor Piccolo to train him, and that definitely is a start, but what type of power boost will he get to be able to contend? With the hyberbolic time chamber being revised for Super, this is the best time to close the gap in power between Gohan and Goku. At this time their plans for the character are still up in the air, but the situation has definitely gotten better for the man once known as the Great Saiyaman.

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