Where Will Infinity Ward Take Call of Duty This Year?

Well it’s that time of year again. The teaser for this year’s installment in the Call of Duty franchise is probably right around the corner. Although I’m not as excited as I once would have been, I’m still intrigued to see where they have decided to take the franchise this time. We’ve had two years of “futuristic” warfare, and I’m hoping that they take a more realistic approach this year. Dont get me wrong, I have enjoyed playing Black Ops 3, but im tired of the whole exo space jump mechanic that’s been the norm for back to back games. I think it would be cool just to call it Call of Duty 5, just to get back to the basics. If they go any further into the future they’d be making Halo.

Id like to see them focus more on creative maps, and familiar weapons. When I say creative, I’m not asking for maps filled with silly gimmicks like trains that run you over or anything else like that. I would love to see maps that put the players skills to the test. Personally, I havent been a fan of the map selection since Black Ops 2. And if they have to add Nuke Town again, please just let it be the original.



Now to the weapons. Enough with the lasers, and anything else remotely science fiction. Give me a good old M-16, Famas, Spas-12, or an MP-7 just to name some. Hell, give me a couple of Model 1887s to wreak havoc with.

Another thing that seems to be getting weaker every year are the actual characters in these games. It’s sad to say, but the days of Soap, Price, Reznov, and Griggs are over. I couldn’t name a character from any of the last few games, but that could also be because I didn’t finish them. Wasnt one of the characters in BO3 named Stabler or something? Anyway, it could also just be that I’m outgrowing the franchise, or it could just be that they aren’t as good. Needless to say, Infinity Ward is absolutely needs to step up in a big way,and remind people why they were the kings of the fps. It’s not like the games are all bad though. The player customization from your soldier down to gun camos is awesome., and let us not forget about Zombies. What would be amazing if we can get that present day Call of Duty presentation mixed with that old school Call of Duty gameplay.

I’ve been saying for years I wouldn’t mind playing a Call of Duty Remix. Take the best maps from all the games starting with the original Modern Warfare and put them all into one game. Same thing with the weapons. As long as they get everything balanced out, I really think that would be an awesome thing to experience.  Or they could just keep giving us crappier versions of maps we love through dlc. What direction would you guys like to see them take the franchise? How about WW2? Wherever they decide to go we don’t have much time to wait. E3 cant get here fast enough.

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