Awesome Naka Kon, Planet Comicon Approaching

2016 has been amazing so far, with a spectacular Naka Kon wrapping up a couple of weeks ago, and so much more coming later this year. This year’s Naka was my opinion the best in terms of the musical performances. I would love for Critical Hit or Earthbound Papas to come back next year, it was definitely an amazing evening of music. Like always I can’t wait for 2017 for Naka Kon, as far as conventions go it’s always a good time.

Fast approaching is Planet Comicon, which will be held at Bartle Hall on May 20 through the 22nd. This year’s convention is shaping up to be CRAZY. The guest list as it stands now is probably one of the best I’ve seen anywhere, and definitely the best for Planet Comicon. I wont list everyone here (to be honest the list is much to large to)but expects some quality guests like Jason David Frank, STAN LEE, Jerry “The King” Lawler, George Takai, and many others. There is a large variety of people showing up this year, so if you haven’t been this is the year to do so!

Just like with Naka Kon, Gaming Plus will be at Planet Comic Con to cover the event and interact with attendees. Like always pictures and videos will be uploaded to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. May is fast approaching so make sure you’re ready to go when Planet Comicon comes knocking!

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