Thank You Naka-Kon 2016, See You Next Year

This year was no different from last year. Naka-Kon came. It went. And it rocked.

Naka 2016 was an overall mixed bag compared to years past, but I felt as though the level of excitement in the air could not have been higher. To put it plainly, this year was amazing. It definitely was not the strongest year for panels and overall the guest list may not have lived up to 2015, but as a whole this may have been one of the best times I’ve had at Naka. This was due to everyone who attended. No matter how big the venue, or how star-studded the celebrity guests list is, if the people at the convention aren’t having a good time, then what’s the point?


From the attendees, to the volunteers, to the vendors, and everyone else were incredibly pleasant and helpful. And like all of us know, the volunteers and even some of the staff have been overly serious and much too pushy in the past, but this year was different. We were all just a bunch of people celebrating and enjoying something we love,and to me that was incredible. It’s time like this that keep me coming back to Naka-Kon every year, and times like this that will have me bringing my kids with me as well.

This was my daughter’s first Naka. She had such a great time talking to all of the characters she saw, and admiring all of the cosplay that was around her. She told me next year she wants to dress up like Pearl from Steven Universe, so I need to start looking into that. To be able to share with my daughter something that was so important to me growing up and have her so happy and enjoying it with me, is something I’ll never forget.

20160313_154621 (1)
I want to take this time to say that the performances put on by Critical Hit and Earthbound Papas were brilliant. I’m sure I’m not alone alone hoping that they make a return to our neck of the woods sooner rather than later( next year please!). Naka Kon 2016 was a blast, and I cannot wait for 2017 to get here. When March comes around again you’ll know exactly where I’ll be.

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