Super Mario Mash-up Makes the Wait for Minecraft Wii U Worth It

The Wii U had  the potential to be a top-selling system. Despite Nintendo and the rest of the industry’s attempts to derail the console, it has produced many of the best gaming experiences of this generation. Poor planning, marketing, and abysmal third-party support destroyed any chance of the Wii U replicating the success of it predecessor the Wii. It’s frustrating as a Wii U owner because we more than anyone can see the potential the console had/has, and that brings me to Minecraft.

Another example of  missed opportunity by everyone involved. Although the game has since been released for Nintendo’s home console and has gone on to become the top-selling title on the Wii U’s eshop, I cant help but feel it is too little too late. The game is selling exceptionally well, just imagine if it was released when the console launched? On top of the game being released during the last days of the systems life, the version presented to us was a basic port of the game with smaller map sizes and no tablet support. And still despite these drawbacks the game sells well. While I’m disappointed it took so long for the game to come to a Nintendo platform, I’m excited at the idea of Minecraft one day being a part of the 3DS library and also possibly the upcoming NX.


While it is a disappointment that the game didnt utilize the Wii U’s most unique feature to help separate this version from the rest, the Super Mario Mash-Up that was recently released more than makes up for it. It doesn’t take long before you realize the world of Minecraft and Mario were a match made in heaven. Like all mash-ups it comes with a pre-made world and the option to create your own. The pre-made map is a Mario Bros. fan’s dream come true, with colorful landscapes, music, and characters pulled from almost tree decades of Mario games. You’ll see pipes and castles, airships and item blocks, and you’ll also run into huge statues of your favorite characters. Fans will recognize different biomes and areas represent different levels from past Mario games.


My personal favorite is the Nether, which if you haven’t guessed by now is Bowser’s world , and it is beyond awesome. The music sets the tone as you explore the dangerous Valley of Bowser and eventually find his castle. I wont spoil anymore than I already have, but if you own the Wii U you owe it to yourself to buy Minecraft Wii U for the Super Mario Mash-Up alone! And if you don’t own one, go out and buy one so you don’t miss out on the coolest dlc for Minecraft yet. Did I mention that its free?

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