The Dragon Ball Story We Deserve

Dragon Ball Super may have started out slow, with the first couple arcs retelling the Battle of Gods and   Resurrection of F storylines, but since the start of the Universe Six arc the quality has been much improved. For one, the pacing of the show is much better than before, and we all know how bad the animation used to be, but now more than ever Toriyma is telling us a story we want to hear. Rumors have been running wild the  past couple months about the return of Future Trunks and the introduction of the newest nemesis “Black” Goku.future_trunks-1200x675

The addition of the older Trunks is the shot in the arm this anime needed desperately. I mean, there is only so much of Goku and Vegeta training or Beerus and Whiz eating snacks that one can take before it gets repetitive. We’re only two episodes into this arc, but already you can since the tonal shift in the shows writing. This is most definitely welcome especially since there hasn’t been a true feeling of danger for any of the characters yet, not to mention the fact that we have yet to have an actual villain for our heroes to battle. Yes, there was Freeza, but  with both Goku and Vegeta having obtained the Super Saiyan Blue form, was he really ever a true threat?


This new character Black, is Dragon Ball Super’s first true big bad for the Z fighters to tangle with, and his character has added an extra dimension of depth the show needed. Black is still very much a mystery, but one thing that is certain the guy is powerful. It will be fun to see just how powerful he is compared to Goku and Vegeta. Were only a couple of episodes in an already more characters have bit the dust than the rest of the show combined, so it is safe to say that whatever Black is he means business.  Super is now turning into the show we all thought it was going to be when it was first announced last summer. If you haven’t gotten into Dragon Ball Super yet, what on Earth are you doing?  This show is only going to get better from here, and if there was anytime to jump back on the Dragon Ball bandwagon that time is now.

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