A Legend Renewed

This E3 was weird. Both Sony and Microsoft put on some amazing shows during their press conferences, and once again Nintendo did its own thing. I was extremely disappointed with the amount of content Nintendo decided to show this year, but I definitely loved its quality. The time is now for the Big N to go all in, and if what we have seen from The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is any indication then they most certainly have. This game looks to take the franchise to the next level without forgetting its roots.  And if this game is anywhere near as good as it looks, then it will be the rebirth of not only The Legend of Zelda, but of Nintendo as well.


We know absolutely nothing about the NX. That probably wont even be what the system is called when they officially announce it later this year, But what we do know though is that the system is due out sometime in early 2017, and that Breath of the Wild will be a launch title for the NX. It’s a sad fact but the Wii U is dead, and Nintendo knew this a long time ago. I’m sure the extra time they have been granted by Zelda’s delay has been put to good use, but I’m also certain it was delayed just long enough so that their newest console would be ready to go.


Watching the game play for Breath of the Wild at E3 was breathtaking. The game is downright gorgeous, and looks to bring so many new things to the Zelda formula, but also maintaining that feeling of nostalgia. This is what I’m expecting from not only the NX, but Nintendo as a whole going forward.

The NX will be something completely different from what we have come to expect from them, but you definitely know it is a Nintendo home console when you play it. This E3, on the back of The Legend of Zelda alone Nintendo has restored my faith, and hopefully when we find out what NX is it will have been deserved.

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