Telltale’s Take on Dark Knight Does Not Disappoint

The hyped Batman: A Telltales Series has just released its first episode. Did the latest installment of the Batman Video game genre satisfy? I believe it did. I myself, am a big Telltales fan, and have played pretty much every series that they have put out. I was very eager to see how this one would separate itself from the pack. The addition of the detective mode, made famous by the Arkham games, and deciding which approach to take as Batman was very fulfilling and held my interest throughout.


The combat in this game takes a little bit of a different approach, throwing button combos at you to pull off awesome batmoves instead of just single button clicks. This makes those heated scenes have a very unique feeling and makes them somewhat more difficult. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, although at times you would find yourself wondering what happened to a character that was introduced prior. It had a very nice flow and the character interaction and voice-acting were all on point to what you would think a Bruce Wayne or Selena Kyle would sound like.

Overall, this is a very fun experience that I legitimately thought about playing over again to see what would happen if only I had just made one different decision. I would recommend everyone give this episode a shot, and with the price point of $5, it is totally worth it.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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