Amazing Weekend at Kansas City Comic-Con

Kansas City Comic Con year 2 is now in the books, and its tradition of excellence continues. It was obvious from the start everyone involved worked extremely hard to ensure the weekend was a success.

Out of all the conventions I’ve attended, the people at KCCC are by far the nicest, and I’m talking about everyone from the guests to the attendees. When you have that many people in one space it makes it that much more enjoyable when all the people there are pleasant. The entire weekend was full of fun and cool things to see, and I’m happy to have been apart of it and can’t wait for to be back again next year.


From cars to props, you name it and it was here. There is even things for the young ones as well. KCCC is an event your whole family can be apart of. There were some amazing cosplays on display this weekend, but the character that ruled the weekend was Harley Quinn. There were so many people dressed as Harley! We’ve posted some slide shows of the cosplays we got pictures of during the convention,just follow the link to our YouTube.


The guest list this year was incredible as well, with stars such as Billy Dee Williams, Fred Williamson, and Peter Shinkoda among many others in attendance.  All guests were easily accessible, and extremely friendly.  I’ve been to some conventions where it seemed as though the guests couldn’t be bothered to interact with the fans, or just didn’t want to be there, but here that definitely isn’t the case. One of the best thing about this convention is that it is still growing, and with a venue like Bartle Hall, they will have the space to grow and improve each year.

Kansas City is lucky to have such an enjoyable and well run convention in the area, and it things continue this way KCCC will only get bigger and better with every year.

I would like to personally thank everyone who worked toward bringing this event to us this year, you guys mean business, and I cant wait to see what you have in store for us all at Kansas City Comic-Con 2107

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