Farewell Wii U, Hello Switch!

As the story or the Wii U comes to a close, a new chapter is set to begin for Nintendo in the form of their  recently named console, the Nintendo Switch. The Wii U was plagued by many things that ultimately kept it from achieving its potential, namely its sub par launch, as well as a confusing and clumsy E3 reveal. What was the systems purpose? What could it do? Why would we as consumers want to use it in the first place? These were just a few of the questions that until recently were never truly addressed. I never felt as though the tablet was necessary to the Wii U until I played Super Mario Maker, and then it all just made so much sense to me. Unfortunately that game came out in late 2015, whereas the Wii U was released in 2012. When good games started to come out for the Wii U with some sort of regularity it was far too little too late. So much potential wasted.

Along comes rumors of the NX, and Nintendo fans react with just as much panic as excitement. It was a long wait wondering what on earth the NX would be, but finally Nintendo gave us what we all needed, answers. That fateful day in October put many of my fears to rest, but replaced them with more questions. First being, what is the Nintendo Switch? In my opinion an amazing concept. The ability to take a home console experience on the go is an idea that Sony has attempted many times with debatable results, but it seems Nintendo my have struck gold this time.


Like I mentioned before there are tons of questions that are still unanswered regarding the Switch, one potentially huge one is the battery life for the device. The amount of time one can have the system away from its dock could make or break the Switch. What good does the ability to take it on the go do if it the battery doesn’t last for a reasonable amount of time? Now, to be fair, this aint no 3ds and the games being played on it are much more advanced than any “handheld” we’ve had before, so I’m not expecting super long times in between charges, but personally I would like to see at around two hours of battery life.

I’m also wondering about the exact power of the console as well as the resolution of the games while being played via the detachable screen. Seeing what I believe to be the Skyrim Special Edition, we can assume the system will be somewhere close to Xbox One. One of the more exciting announcements for me was the confirmation that Unreal Engine 4 will be supported. This will make it easier for more developers to create content, expanding the potential for more third-party support. On the topic of third parties, it seems that this wont be an issue according to a confirmed list released in October. The lack of development outside of Nintendo has been a problem for years now, but this is very exciting and bodes well for the Switch and fans as well.


Nintendo may finally be back on the right track this time, And I am definitely hungry for more news on what we can expect from the Switch. Third party developers seem to be back on board and willing to bring their heavy hitters to the console, and it seems as though they are learning from Wii U and making strong strides to improve on that model. I still need some more information on the controller support, and also what games are in development now for launch. Later on, Gaming Plus will go deeper into what we want from the Switch as far as it online capabilities, and what games we would like to see make an appearance. Nintendo has the fans and the industry excited and wanting more. January can’t come soon enough.

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