Nintendo Switch Presentations Almost Here

Its a new year and excitement couldn’t be higher this month with the upcoming Nintendo Switch presentations.  Scheduled for January 12th and 13th, Nintendo will give us more info on the console, and a closer look at some upcoming games as well. 

In 2016 we saw the life of the Wii U come to an end after 4 years, and this has many people wondering just how well its successor the Switch will do. Below are my thoughts on how the Switch can avoid following the same path as the Wii U.

The Launch Lineup. This just might end up being the key factor in the overall success of the Nintendo Switch. Having a not just a strong launch lineup but launch window will either make or break this console. One thing that killed the Wii U were the unbearable droughts of quality games in between their big name releases. Not only do they need high quality releases from their first party teams, but its imperative that the third-party developers are on board and creating games for the Switch. Based off the list of partners released late last year, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if this console is to remain successful those companies  must remain committed to the system throughout its life and not just at launch.


Arguably not as important as the games lineup or online functionality will be how the system stacks up to the competition in terms of raw power. This will also directly affect what games will be ported over from the other consoles. Based on what we have seen the games will look great and will only get better with time. Knowing Nintendo I’m not expecting PS4 levels of power, but there is no doubt in my mind the console will be able to produce excellent looking games.


Online is one area where I believe Nintendo is doing a pretty good job. Sure, it would be awesome if they picked up the pace on the virtual console releases, but other than that Nintendo’s store is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. The Nintendo’s game store does its job. Nintendo’s social experience however needs a mass overhaul. Friend codes need to be ditched for some sort of standard username system. And what exactly does Nintendo have against trophies/achievements? While this is not a necessity, we’ve done just fine without them, it would be a welcome addition that could potentially add some replay value for certain games, and add parity to games ported from other consoles.

For the past month or so it seems everyone is concerned with the battery life of the Switch or the lack thereof. I’m expecting at least 2-3 hours of wireless play in between charges, anyone wanting more than that needs to temper their expectations. The Switch is meant to give you a home console experience on the go, but Nintendo by no means meant to replace your DS or longer lasting portable gaming with this hybrid system.


One thing is for certain, the Switch is going to live or die based on the content it can provide., and we have about a week before we get our first look at what to expect. There is so much we don’t know about the system. From the joycons to how the system handles multiplayer, we hardly know anything about how the Switch functions, and that is has me extremely excited for Nintendo’s press conference.

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