Top 10 Naruto Shippuden Intros

The Naruto franchise has had some amazing and memorable intro songs throughout the years. Honestly, there aren’t many that I don’t like, which makes a list like this difficult to make. So with the best of my ability, here is my list of the top ten intro songs for the Naruto Shippuden anime.

I’ve chosen two songs from Shippuden that I really enjoy, but unfortunately they couldn’t be on the list and instead will be honorable mentions:

  • Closer by Joe Inoue
  • Hotaru no Hikari by Ikimono Gakari

Now I don’t claim to know Japanese at all, so these rankings are strictly on my opinions of the songs themselves and not necessarily the lyrics. Due to copyright laws, feel free to YouTube all of the songs listed below for your listening pleasure. I woulds just post covers of the songs or slightly altered version, but these don’t always sound as good as the originals.

10: Sign by Flow

  9: Moshimo by

  8: Line by Sukima Switch

 7: Diver by Nico Touches the Wall

6: Lovers by 7!!

5: Distance  by Long Shot Party

4: Blue Bird by Flow

3: Silhouette by KANA-BOON

  2: Empty Heart by Anly

  1: Blood Circulator by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Well there we go! So do you guys agree with  the selection and their rankings? Am I missing one of your favorites? Don’t worry about it, this list was made for fun, and to spark conversation! Let me know what you guys think in the comments section or on Twitter! @gamingplus2

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