5 Predictions For Nintendo In 2015






1. Nintendo will have an amazing showing at E3

Why? The tons of games we already know about, plus whatever else they have that is new.

Coming off of an amazing 12 months, Nintendo has the momentum and the games to keep the trend going through 2015. We know about some of their games already, Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles to name a few, and lets not forget about the big N’s heavy hitters Star Fox and Zelda Wii u. With E3 around the corner there is no telling what Nintendo has up its sleeve. Last year everyone was wondering how Nintendo would turn it around, this year well be awaiting to see how they’ll keep it going.

2. 3ds will continue strong with the release of the new models

 Why? 3ds always sells well. New models will re energize handheld market going into mid-year.


Lets face it. Nintendo does handheld better than anyone. Ever. The 3ds is already a commercial success, and new models and colors always sell well. With the addition of the extra analog, new design, and Amibo connectivity(which is also selling extremely well) there is no reason to believe this new entry in the 3ds family would do any different.

3. Minecraft will be on a Nintendo system.

Why is'nt this a thing?

Why is this not a thing?

I know, Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang makes it seem highly impossible for Minecraft to be ported over to the Wii U…or does it? Lets be honest here, no matter what console the game is sold on Microsoft would get a percentage of the profit, right? So why not grow the brand? Miyamoto and other Nintendo higher ups have already expressed interest in bringing Minecraft to a Nintendo system, so hopefully we’ll see Steve and Mario stomping Creepers sooner than later.

4. Remodeled Wii U game pad.

Why? Original game pad clunky, bad battery, and has lackluster screen.

If the way Nintendo likes to remodel their handhelds is any indication, I’m certain well be seeing a new sleeker version of the Wii U’s game pad sooner than later. The game pad is a great idea for games, but it is definitely a work in progress. Battery life, shape, and screen quality are just a few  of the things that could be improved on the tablet controller. What was considered good back in 2012 isn’t going to cut it in 2015. The above mentioned sticking points about the tablet should be relatively easy to upgrade and not cost much at all to produce.

5. Metroid anyone?


Why? If not now…when?

If Retro or someone else isn’t working night and day to bring us a new Metroid to drool over at E3, there is seriously something wrong with Nintendo. New ip’s like Splatoon are awesome, but we want Metroid dammit! We’ve been patiently waiting for either a sequel to Metroid Prime or at least another TRUE handheld Metroid, and its time for Nintendo to deliver. Your fans saved your asses in 2014, now its time to start delivering the goods. You can start with a sequel to Metroid Fusion.

What do you think? Am I crazy? Do you agree? Let me know what you think!!!!

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