New Kids on the Block

I’m in love with My Hero Academia. Not since the early days of Bleach and Naruto has an anime come out with such an amazing and unique cast of characters to watch and enjoy. I can’t help but think about the Chunin Exams as I enjoy this second season, and that’s because the series so far is strongly reminiscent of the first half of Naruto. Academia has a cast of young would be heroes (ninja) being trained by more experienced heroes at a school for heroes.

Sound familiar? It should, but don’t get the impression that this series is just a copy, or not worth checking out, because it most certainly is. What I’ve described is just the surface of My Hero Academia. There is so much more going on underneath, to call it a clone of something else would be crazy.

As far as anime go My Hero Academia has it all. Young likeable main character? Check. Cast of diverse characters, all with their own abilities and motivations? Check. Mentor characters, over the top villains, and insane battles? Check. If you haven’t given this show a shot, do yourself a favor and do it! Any fan a of shounen anime will find it easy to get into and enjoy.

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