Post E3: Overview

Just as quick as it came, E3 is now gone until next year, but it has left us with some exciting news and ideas to look forward to in the coming months. Each of the big three showcased great exclusive content, albeit some more than others.

Microsoft stormed the stage in a way they never have, showering all this in attendance with a bevy of new exclusive content. Sony took a more laid back approach, deciding(for better or for worse) to really on previously announced titles and showing extended gameplay of said games. Not to say that nothing new was announced during Sony’s presentation, there just was not as many as either Nintendo or Microsoft.

What Sony did show however were extremely high quality games, and exactly what we have come to expect from them. Days Gone looks incredible, as does God of War, but what grabbed my attention was Insomniacs Spiderman. I heard some gamers may be concerned with the game over using quick time events, but I was too busy focusing on how fluid the game was to be worried about are that may not be there.

Microsoft’s Minecraft announcement was very cool, and a good sign for fans of cross-platform play. Making the game universal across most consoles( come on Sony!)is a smart move, and connects millions of Minecraft players across the globe. With the soon to be additions of servers and mods, the Minecraft phenom isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

If you were tuning into E3 for surprises, then you didn’t have to look any further than Nintendo’s game reel. Most of what was shown was standard fare as far as what one would expect from Nintendo, but then the impossible happened. Metroid is Prime 4 was announced for the Switch. And as impressive as that is, they soon followed that up with another surprise announcement in the form of Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS. I don’t want to minimize the impact any of their other announcements, Mario Odyssey was named game of the show after all, but it’s been over a decade since a new Metroid is title was released. 

Samus wasn’t the only one to shine this E3. After years of fans begging and rumors flying, Nintendo has finally officially announced the first core Pokemon title for one of its home consoles with Pokemon Stars. This E3 truly felt like it was for the fans and about the games. There wasn’t any talks of lifestyle applications or TV, just a bunch of awesome looking games, and that is exactly how it should be. If this year’s show proved anything, its that the future for games is bright. 2018 and beyond definitely cant come fast enough. Well be discussing some of the games from the show in more depth on our Gaming Plus Podcast via YouTube. Make sure to subscribe there, and follow us on Twitter @GamingPlus2.


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