Top Five Fights From the Naruto Series

Over the last 15 years the Naruto series has given us some of the most memorable battles in all of anime to enjoy. As the years went on the scale and scope of these battles increased, and we were given more powerful jutsu and larger stakes. Out of all the battles that have taken place throughout the series what were your favorites? I know its hard to choose, but here our my picks for the top 5 fights in the Naruto series!

#5 Rock Lee vs Gaara

For me, this was the match that set the bar for the rest of the show. Not until this point in the series had we had such a high intensity fight, and what made it so much better was how much of an underdog Rock Lee was entering this match. This not only showcased how dangerous and ruthless Gaara was, but also how bad ass Lee is. The green spandex and bravado are not just for show, Rock Lee is the real deal.

#4 Third Hokage vs Orochimaru

If Rock Lee vs Gaara set the bar for intensity, then Hiruzen vs Orochimaru set it for scale and emotional weight. No fight before was as grand as this one. Two Hokage class combatants going at it full force might be commonplace during Shippuden, but during the original Naruto brawls like these didn’t happen often. With so much on the line, this fight brought much more than adrenaline to the table, and had us as viewers going through the whole spectrum of emotion. The Third Hokage’s sacrifice gave us our first sense of loss, and affected many of the shows characters going forward.

#3 Naruto vs Pain

Wow. I don’t know what to say that you all don’t already know. This fight was amazing. I still remember how hype I was reading the manga, and how I couldn’t wait to see it animated. The animators did not disappoint, and what we received was at the time one of the best animated fight scenes I had ever seen on tv. Naruto’s entrance alone gave me chills (arriving on Gama Bunta and Gama Kichi was bad ass), and what ensued was a fight where everything Naruto had learned so far was on display. He was no longer the knucklehead ninja. This is where Naruto earned his stripes.

#2 Jiraiya vs Pain episodes 130-133

The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant. This one hits hard, as Jiraiya was and still is my favorite character in the show. These episodes were heavy. Jiraiya faces off against a former pupil, in what would be a fight to the death. For me one of the strongest concepts of the show is to never give up, and this fight probably more than any other exemplifies this. You always want the fights to look cool, but when it can do that AND tell an amazing story is when the fight goes from cool to great. This fight was also our first look at sage mode. Whats not to like?

#1 Sasuke vs Naruto episode 476-478

Naruto V Sasuke II. This fight was amazing. It was the culmination of a 15 year journey, and did not disappoint. From a technical aspect the battle was flawless. The animation and choreography were breathtaking, and the absence of music during the fight brought a level of drama and brutality to it not matched by any other fight int he series. The animation for Shippuden wasn’t always the best, but the Studio Pierrot definitely brought their A game, and provided fans the episode of a lifetime with this one. Naruto’s quest to save his friend couldn’t have ended on a better note.  This was truly a magnificent display, and will go down as one of the best fights in anime.

Now I know what you’re thinking, there are a ton an awesome fights from Naruto that aren’t mentioned in here.  This list wasn’t made to exclude any of the other battles, but was meant to highlight the five that resonated with me the most. Trust me there were plenty more that I wish i could have added, but then it my top 5 would have been a top 20.

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