New Contender For Battle Royale Crown

Respawn. My god, what have you done? Do you have any idea the box you just opened up? Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Respawn’s new game, Apex Legends. The game is dong insanely good so far, it being free to play doesnt hurt, but it’s not just its price tags that has fans of battle royale playing. The game is brilliant. I love how familiar the game is to everything else on the market (Blackout, Fortnite, PUBG), yet at the same time it’s completely different. Its taken the aspects we love of the battle royale formula, applied some of the smoothest gunplay out there (this is Respawn after all, and sprinkled some Overwatch on top.

The different characters and their abilities just adds an extra layer of customization and playability to your standard run and gun gameplay. Just as the building aspect of Fortnite might be what has garnered the game so much attention over its contemporaries, the Legends and their uniqueness is what draws me and many other to this game. I do want to get some more playtime with the game before doing a more in depth critique of it. From what I’ve seen though, this game is definitely worth the time to download, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Obviously only being three days out from the games launch it might be a tad bit early to crown this game, but the fun I get from Apex Legends is the same feeling I got when I first played PUBG and Blackout. Whether or not the title can stand the test of time is a question for a much later time. But for now? There is a new contender in the battle royale space, and its name is Apex Legends.